Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Welcome to your daily OSR fix

This blog will ultimately be a place for me to post random bits I think up for "OSR" games. OSR here being the Old School Renaissance/Revolution/Resistance/Revival.
Most of this material will be "agnostic" and could be plugged into any OSR game or any TSR era D&D game. Obviously some pieces will work better in certain places than others.

Some thing will be completely original, while others will be inspired by what I see other's do.

Anything posted to this blog is completely "open" content and you are free to use it as you see fit, including in other OSR products and games. At some point, I will likely compile many of these things into a more polished product, possibly for PDF sale.

Starting out, here is a simple option for combat, to get beyond the "die at 0 HP".

When a player character reaches 0 hit points, they are "down". This can result in a few different things, and is rolled on the following table:

1-2 Dead
3-4 Seriously injured
5-6 Knocked out
7-8 Stunned and dazed

Exact rules effects are up to the DM, but an injured character needs to rest for a while (probably the same as after being raised from death) unless they receive significant magical healing.
A knocked out character is out cold for at least the rest of the battle, and should be pretty shaky afterwards.
A stun sends the character reeling, either incapacitating them for a short while or incurring a penalty over a longer time period.

One option is to roll the characters hit die instead. (for games where hit dice go up to D10, you may wish to add a 9-10 step titled "adrenaline rush"

For advanced edition players who tend to want more detailed rules, treat "seriously injured" as needing a weeks rest. Knocked out requires an hour of rest. Stunned needs a turns rest.